Free Split A/C Standard Installation INCLUSION

  • Indoor Unit mounting
  • Drilling on “normal brick wall”
  • Copper Pipe & Electrical wiring between Indoor to Outdoor unit (as supplied in box)
  • Outdoor Unit on-floor mounting
  • Bluestar Free Installation will not be applicable for commercial usage and not applicable on 2 Ton Machines.
  • The above free installation does not apply for commercial or office installations and in case the number of ACs are more than 5 in a single order.

Split A/C Standard Installation EXCLUSION

Mitsubishi AC’s are not supplied with FREE piping kit, same will be charged as per actuals.
In case customer is upgrading the AC from split to an Inverter, then he might have to replace existing piping. If the piping is concealed, then all Civil/Masonry/Carpentry work for replacing the concealed piping will have to be arranged by the customer.
In case Workers use ropes to climb down from roof to Fix Outdoor Units, the cost for it is extra and will be determined at the site by the installation team.

Additional Charges (Subject to Site Requirements – Will be charged directly by Brand)

  • Site inspection charges (Adjustable with installation charges) INR 250 to 350/-
  • Out-door Unit wall / floor bracket INR 700 to 1000/-
  • Bracket fitting charges INR 250 to 400/-
  • Old Window removal INR 250 to 400/-
  • or Split A/C removal INR 500 to 750/-
  • Additional Copper pipe INR 250 to 350/per feet
  • Additional Copper pipe fitting charges INR 150 to 350/- per meter
  • Drain pipe INR 60 to 120/- per feet
  • Additional Core Wire Charges INR 150to 300/- per meter
  • Nitrogen testing is mandatory to reuse old installed piping charges INR 500 to 750/- per unit
  • RCC Wall drilling & Core cutting per hole INR 1000 to 1500/-
  • Core Wire Charges Separately

Additional Charges estimated (Subject to Site Requirements – Can be facilitated by Brand service)

  • The activities listed below are expected to be executed by the customer or on customers request, it can be facilitated by the Brand service team through their local contacts. Charges have to be mutually agreed between customer & the local contractor.
  • Grill cutting for Outdoor unit mounting
  • Electrical work like MCB installation, Cabling, Casing from meter to ACCarpentry work to cover the Window A/C frame.

General Terms & Conditions

  • The above costs are estimated (exclude local tax), Actual additional cost will vary between Brands & Customer premises. They will be determined after site visit.
  • The charges are indicative and may vary brand to brand. Any other charges not mentioned above, will be communicate by visiting brand service engineer before commencement of installation.
  • Late night installation will be avoided
  • Customer to arrange for Civil & Masonry work
  • Owing to Safety concerns, brand engineer may decline installation
  • Customer to ensure Society Approval for installation, permission to drill on RCC beam (where required), arrangement of ladder.
  • Bluestar Free Installation will not be applicable for commercial usage and not applicable on 2 Ton Machines.
  • Hitachi Free Installation will not be applicable for commercial usage and not applicable on purchase of more than 5 ACs in single invoice.

Standard Installation charges for Cassette ACs

  • Standard Installation @ Rs 2800 / Unit
  • Copper piping @ Rs 250 / Running Feet (Rs 800 / Running metre)
  • Interconnecting cable ( Indoor to Outdoor 4 Core wire) @ Rs 150 /Running Metre
  • Drain Pipe @ 175/ Running metre
  • L Type condenser stand @ Rs 1275 /-
  • GST Extra @18% on the charges mentioned
  • All Civil , Electrical , Carpentry to be taken care by Customer.
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